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I would like to start off on the Subject of AVATAR.... ***Clears Throat*** STOP WITH THE NUDE NA'VI TOONS!!!
I will admit, 'Hot Na'vi Sex' was well put together and funny as hell... So it deserves front page. But just doing it because you fantasizes through out the movie of "Doing" a blue alien is no more then Drawling your Teacher naked during class, Just because her Cups range in a 'D'.
And this is also going out to Some Juvenility Anime artists that are in HOTTS for Naked, well voluptuous, Anime Foxes... And I'm not talking about the Foxes as "Damn she's Foxy", I am actually talking about the Dog breed 'Foxes'. And I think you guys draw Wolves also... don't know, don't care. Point being, if I wanted to see that... come to think of it... I don't.

From One artist another, Drawling Anime is a waist of Talent, unless done right and with Imagination. Drawling the same Dragon Ball Z toons over and over does not make you a Artist... it makes you a tracer, and tracers live in a box with no thoughts of whats outside. Turn off Cartoon Network, turn off the TV, and drawl from your Mind.

"functionless art that is nothing but tolerated vandalism"